The Rights Platform is a membership organisation with 40 members, representing a diversity of organisations, active in the social inclusion community sector in South County Dublin.

The main areas of work of The Rights Platform include:

  • Representation on Local Government Structures
  • Networking social inclusion organisations in the county
  • Developing initiatives in the county that promote anti-poverty and equality issues.
  • Monitoring and influencing the implementation of national and local policy and delivery.

Committee & Structure

The Rights Platform is managed by a Board of Directors, who oversee the work and ensure that the principles and ethos of the organisation are upheld.


The Rights Platform is made up of local community and voluntary groups who have a focus on antipoverty and social inclusion across the South Dublin area.

The Platform is a mechanism through which all of these groups can come together to develop and represent the collective voice of those who are most marginalized in the South Dublin area.

The Platform has a specific anti-poverty and equality focus which ensures that the needs and concerns of groups such as people with Disability, Lone Parents, Drug Users, Long Term Unemployed, Women, Travellers, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Homeless People and others are represented at local, County and National level.