Community Safety

Publication cover - Community Safety Seminar Cover image for the Report on the Community Safety Seminar - June 2011

Members of the Platform work directly with individuals and communities experiencing social exclusion and living in dense urban areas with low income and high levels of poverty. Consequently, there is a first-hand knowledge, awareness and understanding of community safety issues and how this impacts on people's everyday lives.

When looking at the Community Safety Infrastructure in the County there appeared to be varying levels of community participation throughout both the county and the county infrastructure. In some areas of the county there was a high level of quality community participation and in other areas the level of participation was low or non-existent. In addition to this, some types of infrastructure facilitated better participation than others.

It appeared that there were a number of different statutory, community and voluntary organisations all engaging in the infrastructure, yet one group may not necessarily interact with the other and it was thought that mapping the safety infrastructure for everyone would support a cohesive plan for the county.

Objectives of the seminar on the 11th June 2011.

  • To offer participants an opportunity to understand the wide range of the current safety initiatives and Infrastructure in the County and how they operate
  • To explore how grass roots communities can engage within the current Safety Infrastructure
  • To identify emerging issues in relation to safety in the county and the ways in which existing structures and initiatives can work together to address these issues
  • To explore ways of engaging those most affected by crime and anti-social behaviour in current safety infrastructure