Monitoring Racist Incidents

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What is this initiative about?

ENAR Ireland is working with community organisations to provide an independent system so you can report racism anonymously and without any fear. Many people experiencing racism or who witness a racist incident don't have an opportunity to report it. ENAR Ireland is the European Network Against Racism in Ireland and is currently working with a range of organisations throughout communities in Ireland to insure that people experiencing racism have their voices heard.

How does it work?

Local organisations in your community have undergone training to be available to record racist incidents. If you have experienced racism or witnessed a racist incident you can report it in a confidential safe environment. They will give you information as to the options available to you should you wish to pursue the issue.

Who will take the report?

A trained person working in a local community organisation will take the report in confidence.

What happens to my information?

The information will be forwarded to ENAR Ireland who is compiling a database to get a picture of how racism is occurring nationally. Your name will not be passed to ENAR Ireland only the details of the incident/experience.

You can download Racist Incident Report Form by clicking here